Sinterit Applications


Anti-pollution mask

Living in increasingly contaminated cities, people are using protective masks more and more frequently. While there are many styles for adults, there are far fewer designed especially for children, for whom pollution is definitely more harmful. Bartlomiej Gaczorek, a designer in 3D technology, wanted to respond to this need by creating a mask for young children.

The World’s first printed pleating costume

A new approach to acquiring materials for clothes making, by unusual usage of SLS 3D print technology. The challenge was to create a material with specific properties. Sinterit Lisa helped to meet all the expectations about the material printed. The usage of special, flexible material – Sinterit Flexa Black enabled the texture to synchronize with actor’s body.

AR technology in glasses from SLS 3D printer

Data glasses is an invention by professor Rigo Herold, in cooperation with his colleagues. While working on Zwickau University of Applied Sciences, they developed a data google that can improve quality and safety of workers in a lot of industries. Thanks to the high technology used in this product, workers are provided with real-time information on operational procedures as well as warnings of dangerous situations that might happen in their work environment.

Exoskeleton supportive hand for children

A tailor-made exoskeleton arm is a device that allows them to move hands, to draw, play and express themselves – simply do what kids love to do. The idea came out from parents of children with SMA, who couldn’t find adequate solution. Radek was the kid, who moved his arms for the first time thanks to the solution developed by Barłomiej Gaczorek Design studio and printed on Sinterit Lisa 3D printer.

3D prototypes of voting terminal

Thanks to prototyping on SLS Sinterit Lisa printer, the company ELEcTOR produced voting pilot in a faster, easier and better way. The final product is now used to pass resolutions in Government institutions, make decisions at Supervisory Board meetings, manage tests and questionnaires during lectures and conferences.

Research project on design by Desén

Desén is a research project exploring what happens when computational fluid dynamic algorithms (typically used in marine and aerospace applications) are applied to furniture and object forms.

3d printed jewellery by Unikke Design

Unikke Design equals: unique, modern, functional and unexpected. Jewellery made by Olga Guzik is a constant search for new solutions that combine goldsmithing with new materials. From 2013 Unikke Design use 3D printing technology.